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New Workshops to Spark Kids’ Passion for Hands-on Careers

This summer, Parkland College is offering a new series of technology camps for kids ages 13 to 18 years old, camps that will spark their interest in what could be in-demand, hands-on careers in their (not-too-distant) future.

A longtime provider of summer educational experiences for the area’s youth, Parkland’s Business Training and Community Education department will hold its Machining/Welding, Automotive, and Mapping Technology camps in June. All taught by experienced Parkland College faculty members, each camp will feature Parkland’s state-of-the-art facilities and and high-tech equipment, giving students a taste of real-world work experience in each of the fields.

Machining and Welding Camp, June 19–29
In this new camp, youth will learn to use a manual lathe and manipulate metal in a safe and supervised environment, making really cool (or should we say, hot!) projects to take home. Along with creating great summer memories, this camp is sure to provide students with a one-of-a-kind experience, working in a high-tech lab using the latest manufacturing industry technology. As they develop “mind over metal,” kids will gain tangible skills, igniting a sense of confidence. Well-suited to the “maker minded” student, this camp may even inspire them to consider welding as a possible career option.

Mapping with Technology Camp, June 5–8
Do you know where your backyard ends and your neighbor’s yard begins? Have you ever wondered how maps are designed? A surveyor can tell you! Surveyors measure and draw what the earth’s surface looks like. Using special tools, survey technicians collect facts about the land, draw sketches, take GPS readings, and enter this information in a computer to determine the elevation and curvature of a plot of land. In this camp, students will learn how professional surveyors use the latest high-tech tools to create maps and use them to make decisions to build structures and develop land.

Automotive Summer Camp, June 12–15 (16–18 years) or June 19–22 (14–16 years)
Back by popular demand! The Automotive Summer Camp is designed for kids who consider themselves gearheads and love being around cars. Students will learn basic automotive technology: the proper way to change oil, common engine malfunctions, and how to keep a vehicle running in top-performing condition. Youth gain practical, real-world skills that could accelerate their future careers in the automotive industry!

***To register for any or all of the technology camps in this new series, please visit www.parkland.edu/btceRegister and use the “search for a class” feature at the upper right.***

Questions? Call 217/353-2055.

[Terry Thies is program manager for youth education with Parkland College Business Training and Community Education.]