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‘State of Contemporary Illustration’ Highlights

During the Parkland College Graphic Design Student Show reception on Wednesday, May 11, I gave a brief lecture highlighting professional and student illustrators. Below, I’ve provided some highlights from my lecture.

I discussed the exciting world of commercial illustration created for product, book, editorial, concept, product, and advertising.  Visit Giertz Gallery from May 9–28 to view more great examples of student illustrative work.

Professional Illustrators

Victo Ngai
The New Standard



Red Nose Studio
The New Yorker



Sung Choi
Self Promotion



Ink Dwell
Wall of Birds
Cornell Lab of Ornithology




Parkland Student Illustrators

Hilary Pope
Client: Scribner




Shannon Martin
Client: Red Vox



Christie Klinger
Client: CKKM Winery



***Parkland College is one of the few community colleges that has a professional illustration class. Illustration I will be offered fall 2016. Interested in the course? Contact me, Illustration instructor Liza Wynette, at lwynette.parkland@gmail.com for more information.***


Graphic Design Students Win $1400 in Awards

On Wednesday night at the Parkland Graphic Design Juried Exhibition opening reception, seven very deserving students received $1,400 in cash awards for excellent work.

I could not be prouder of these students who worked hard all year long and gave body, mind, and soul to create these amazing portfolio samples.

Special thanks must go out to this year’s judges who volunteered their time to select the winners: Matt Cho, owner and founder of [co][lab], an experimental collaboration/coworking space in downtown Urbana, and Kurt Bielema, creative director of Single Stereo, a local design studio.

Their job was not easy. Out of 228 entries that were juried into the show by the teaching faculty, their mission was to choose the 14 best pieces to award the cash prizes.

Over 200 industry professionals, alumni, friends, family and students attended the reception (see pictures). At 7 p.m., I took the podium and with microphone in hand, called up each of the winners and congratulated them for their excellent work. Here’s who won:

• Graphic Design Best of Show (Kelli Mikhail, $100):kelli mikhail packaging


• President’s Award of Excellence (Gloria Roubal, $100):

gloria roubal


• Fine & Applied Arts Department Chair Award
(Catherine Yao, $100):

catherine yao


• Graphic Design Program Director’s Award
(Madelyn Witruk, $100):

madelyn witruk


• David M. and Shirley A. Jones Student Art Award
(Liza Wynette, $100):

liza wynette


• Surface 51 Award of Excellence (Catherine Yao, $100):

catherine yao catalog


• Studio 2D Design Strategy Award (Jordan Bidner, $100):

jordan bidner editorial


• Six Demon Studio Award for Excellence in Digital Media
(Kelli Mikhail, $100):

View Title Sequence


• CUDO Award of Excellence (Kelli Mikhail, $100):

kelli mikhail


• [co][lab] Award of Excellence (Dustin Kinkelaar, $100):

View GIF Animation


• Brian Sullivan Award of Excellence (Josiah Peoples, $100):

View Website


• Golfview Village Award of Excellence (Liza Wynette, $100):whenever-bars-student-show-2015


• Heartland Science and Technology Group Award of Excellence
(Liza Wynette, $100):

View GIF Animation



• Electric Pictures Award of Excellence (Jordan Bidner, $100):
jordan bidner

The exhibition will be open in our art gallery until June 4. Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.  to 7 p.m. For more information, visit the Giertz Gallery at Parkland College website.

You can also view the online version of this year’s exhibition by browsing to gds.parkland.edu/pages/exhibition.html.

Paul Young is the program director of Graphic Design at Parkland College.