Next step: college! Parkland Preview will help you sort it out.

It’s your senior year of high school, and it seems like everything is happening so fast! You’re doing everything for the last time. The last home football game, the last pep rally, the last dance… and somehow amid all these “last times” you still need to work on your future plans. Do you want to go to college? What do you want to major in (isn’t that what everyone is asking???)? Where are you going to go next fall?

At Parkland, we know there are ton of thoughts running through your head and we would like to help you organize your plans at the Parkland Preview on Friday, March 11. When you register for the event, tell us what major you are interested in, and we’ll set you up with instructors from those areas. Totally unsure of what you would like to do? Take a free career assessment so that we can help you find a starting point. If you have already applied to Parkland, that’s great! You’ll have a chance to tour campus and get your questions answered. Not sure if Parkland is the right place? Meet some of the students at the first year experience panel and form your own impressions. This is your opportunity to explore college in general and Parkland in particular so that you can figure out if it’s the right place to start your college career.

Parkland Preview will take place from noon-2 pm in the Parkland Student Union on Friday, March 11. Come with friends, bring your parents, or come on your own to get those questions answered. Please register for Parkland Preview here.

Questions? Just give me a call at 217/351-2509 or email

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