Be The Change

Why do we settle? Why are we okay with comfortable?

Alice Coles of Bayview, Virgina provided me with an ‘ah-ha’ moment via a 2003 CBS 60 Minutes video. Alice, single mother of two and a crab meat picker making $5,000 a year educated herself, sought expert advice, and requested training in areas of knowledge she lacked in order to bring positive redevelopment to a town that had not changed much since African Americans began to settle there after the Civil War.

Why hadn’t anything changed? Why were she and her community members okay with what they did and did not have?

Most of the 114 residents of Bayview lived in the kind of poverty that is difficult to grasp: two and three-room shacks with no running water and no heat, and the constant threat of fires from faulty electrical wiring. Thanks largely to the efforts of Alice Coles, most residents now have modern housing and amenities we take for granted.

Many of us feel we are undeserving or not qualified for X, Y, or Z and there is nothing we can do about it… but why not? What is stopping us? How could we get there?

Taking one seemingly small step and stretching—reaching for something better and bigger—can be the start of something great and finding our untapped potential.

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