Any Current Browser Will Do

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After extensively reviewing the supported browsers at Parkland College, the school’s Technology Infrastructure Committee has recommended an across-the-board standard for Parkland College.

The standard supported browsers include the following releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The minimum supported versions of these browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • FireFox 31
  • Chrome 39
  • Safari 7.0

This standard means that all applications supported by Parkland must support all of these browsers. Exceptions to this standard need to be reviewed and approved by the Technology Infrastructure Committee. Future College purchases of applications that do not meet this standard will require an approval by the Technology Infrastructure Committee plus a defined plan and timeline by the vendor to comply.

Now that this technology standard has been approved, Campus Technologies will be upgrading all Parkland workstations to the new supported standards. Also, all workstations that do not support the new standards will be placed on the list of machines to be replaced. Students, faculty, and staff can now feel free to use their favorite browser listed above to access any and all Parkland applications.

Happy browsing!

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