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Pantry Produce Plot: More than Honors Work

To complete an A with Honors project for her Hospitality degree, Parkland College sophomore Del Jacobs has been working with Parkland Horticulture faculty this summer to plant a garden for the Wesley Food Pantry at Parkland.  She shares the process and her progress below. As a student, Del’s exemplary efforts in sustainability and feeding the hungry are well documented; the garden project is a continuation of her drive to serve. Parkland is proud to train those with a heart to help.



I approached Theresa mid-spring about getting help from the Horticulture students to plan and plant a garden to feed 30 families. The Wesley Food Pantry at Parkland feeds an average of 30 families at each distribution.

Theresa’s class ran the numbers and figured out what to plant and how much to plant. In May, before my trip to Morocco, I helped Theresa and her staff plant the garden. Unfortunately, I was unable to monitor the garden for the first six weeks, and the weeds got very large and deep. Therefore, the garden doesn’t look pretty, which is why there are no pictures of it.

I began to coordinate volunteers to help me weed. We began by meeting every Saturday from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. to pull weeds. We weren’t making much progress, so I added another day. We now also meet on Tuesdays from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m.  So far, I have had nine volunteers; most have joined me once. My most faithful volunteer is Thor Peterson, sustainability coordinator at Parkland.

In spite of the problems, I have been able to harvest approximately 450 pounds of produce!

IMG_0131IMG_0146 IMG_0136IMG_0150

I am also providing recipes to the pantry clients. I try to furnish recipes that use more than one vegetable from the garden along with nonperishable
items available at the pantry.

As the season moves on and the summer vegetables are harvested, we will be planting vegetables to harvest in the fall.

Lastly, I began working with Dawn Longfellow, Wesley Food Pantry’s operations manager, on a name and graphic for the garden. Dawn is still working on the graphic, but we have decided on the name: “Parkland’s Pantry Produce Plot.” I’m hoping this project will continue for many years, and I plan to be involved past the end of my A w/Honors project.

[Theresa  Meers is an associate professor of ag/horticulture at Parkland.]


Culinary students celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Swaying pinatas, Mariachi music, lime margaritas, guacamole, crispy tacos stuffed with meat and cheese… who doesn’t love Mexican food and fun?

With roots in the Mexican army’s victory over French forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, Cinco de Mayo has become a joyous annual worldwide celebration of tasty and colorful Mexican traditions.


Students in Parkland’s culinary arts program learn that food preparation is so much more than the art of slicing and dicing. Parkland staff and students enjoy meals prepared and served by culinary students several times during the school year, often around holidays. Throughout their coursework at Parkland, culinary students gain hands-on experience in practical aspects of food preparation, from menu planning to budgeting to serving and cleanup.  They carry their own ideas out into a full catering experience just as it would be in the workplace. But perhaps the most important lesson they gain is about connections: shared meals connect us all in many ways, from family and friendship to culture and tradition.

Today, May 1, staff and students can enjoy an early celebration of Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican-inspired fiesta of tacos and toppings from 11am to 12:30pm (or until food runs out), in room X118, prepared by HPI 239 Catering students.

For more information on Parkland’s Hospitality program, visit our web page or comment below.