Parkland Study Abroad: Meet Scott Christopher

What’s the first thing a student tells me when they come back from study abroad? This was the best experience of my life and has changed my life forever.” I encourage you to follow Communication major Scott Christopher Barnes on his life-changing experience abroad and live vicariously through him until you can go on your own Parkland study abroad! In this first video, Scott introduces himself and a few new friends.

Remember, anyone can study abroad; I have people of all ages and backgrounds go on these trips. We have 10-day, 4-week, and 15-week programs available at a variety of times in the academic year.

***The Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs and Parkland College work together to provide opportunities for Parkland students to study abroad. Multiple programs in various countries are available every semester. Students interested in enrolling should contact study abroad coordinator Jody Littleton via email at for more information.

3 thoughts on “Parkland Study Abroad: Meet Scott Christopher”

  1. My first 2 years at American University in Washington, DC, I studied, got good grades and was pursuing a Criminal Justice degree. Following a lot of other AU students, I did a semester in Rome… As you said, it changed my life and open my mind to a whole world that I never would have seen if I’d never be introduced to, in particular, art and art history, but more important was the self confidence created by living in a foreign country, leaning to travel and basically, “figuring it out”. I think it’s the intangibles, like learning to ride a the subway in city where you don’t speak the language or just simple day to day things like shopping for food or eating in a restaurant in unique culture…. Everyone should do it!

    1. Well said Eric! Thank you for your comments. It is so true that the most important things you learn are not necessarily related to the topics you are studying. Learning who you are and what you are capable of is just as important.

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