Alum’s Career Has Gone to the Dogs (and Cats, Etc.)

From the time she was eight years old, Linda March wanted to be a veterinarian and had planned accordingly. “I applied to and was accepted to the University of Illinois as a graduating senior in high school,” she recently related.

But, as is the case for many students, life had other ideas in mind.

“I decided that I was going to get married instead,” she said, laughing.  “I was young and in love and didn’t go to school.”

The desire to pursue her lifelong passion never faded, however, although it was sidetracked for a while by the birth of her two children. “When they were young, I decided I still wanted to be a veterinarian,” Linda reminisced. “I started Parkland when Heather (oldest child) was about five.”

Parkland was able to help Linda coordinate her class schedule with her busy life as a mom. She was able eventually to complete her studies and graduate.

“I took one class at a time until the kids got into school,” she said. “Then I was able to go full time. Parkland took me five years instead of two.”

Linda transferred to the University of Illinois to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She said it wasn’t easy being a working parent of two rowdy kids, while going to school,

“They always seemed to fight when I had a paper to do!” she remarked.  Yet through dogged persistence and passion, she accomplished her goal: in 1996 this wife and mother became wife, mother, and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine!

In 2003, after seven years of working at the Paris Vet Hospital in Paris, Illinois, Dr. March was able to realize another lifelong dream. She opened her own practice, the Red Barn Veterinary Clinic, LLC in Sidney, Illinois, where she is celebrating her twentieth year as a vet.

A passion for animals. A dream. The willpower to see it through to its conclusion. These are the tools that Dr. March brought with her. A flexible, convenient schedule of affordable classes. Instructors who matched her passion for knowledge. That’s what Parkland offered Dr. March as she began her academic journey, and it’s what Parkland still offers 30 years later.


[To get started finishing your degree, contact Tony Hooker with the Parkland College Adult Re-entry Center at or 217/351-2462.]

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