So You Want to be A Nurse? New, Flexible Options

Have you always wanted to become a nurse but can’t attend classes because you have to work? Parkland’s LPN Program is starting an evening/weekend group!

This group has been created for those interested in nursing who cannot attend day classes. It has been developed for certified medical assistants (CMAs) and anyone who wants to become a licensed practical nurse while taking evening and weekend classes.

That’s right: the LPN Program is now accepting CMAs into the program. Since they have many of the skills certified nursing assistants (CNAs) have, they do not have to take the CNA course. A short assessment and an evaluation of skills are all that is needed!

Lastly, we also have a great bridge program into the RN Program (ADN Nursing) for licensed practical nurses and emergency medical service paramedics. Registered nurses are in high demand locally, so taking advantage of this opportunity could particularly enhance salary/benefits for area residents. For more information on these great nursing career training options, please call Joanne Heck at 217/353-2126 or Michele Spading at 217/351-2468.



[Joanne Heck is director of Parkland’s LPN Program.]

3 thoughts on “So You Want to be A Nurse? New, Flexible Options”

  1. The person in your group photo in the pink helped my mother through her year long battle with cancer 10 years ago. I was blessed to have her nurse me last year through my battle with cancer. Any program that can allow her to reach more patients is fantastic! Her patients will be blessed!!

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