Parkland Admissions, this is Lori: phone calls, roadblocks, and school…

Life is like a colorful patchwork quilt, full of different pieces & parts that somehow all come together
Life is like a colorful patchwork quilt, full of different pieces & parts that somehow all come together.


I receive a lot of phone calls. I’m not complaining; my role in Admissions is to field the incoming calls, answer questions, and distribute calls to the right or best resource.  My favorite calls are from folks who are kind, polite, patient, and have a sense of humor!  Of course, situations aren’t always funny when people call in. Sometimes there’s anger, frustration, misunderstanding, or even sadness.

Okay, this may sound like a “no-brainer,” but I’ll say it anyway: you can’t understand others if you don’t understand yourself. I’ve taken a few of those personality surveys and have found that I tend to have a lot of empathy toward others.

Sometimes I get calls from people who think they are too old to go back to school.  They tell me how old they are and that they feel silly or dumb calling in to ask about returning to school.  What is it about age that sticks a roadblock in front of us?  Sometimes I respond with my own story about being back in school right now, and I’m **…….hey I’m not vain, I just don’t like throwing the age thing out there as a personal merit badge, or bid for special attention or kudos.

Okay, so what prompted me to return to school after many (a lifetime, a dog’s age, a generation) years?  Like I said previously, I’ve been concentrating more and more on understanding myself.  I’m the type who likes to stay busy, be highly engaged, feel informed, and meet various challenges.  Even though I’m the kind that goes through each day with an easy sense of happiness, I was noticing more and more that the rut in my path of routine was getting deeper and deeper.  Time to reflect.

You’ve heard that there are certain things that you don’t have control over in your life, right?  Well, I started thinking (reflecting) on the stuff that I do have control over.  I figured time was going to go by no matter what I did, and I needed to think about what I could do with my time.  So, long story short, I am a student once again.

More on that later……for now (smile) keep your attendance perfect (or nearly so), your homework turned in (don’t forget to put your name on it), and participate in discussions (maybe raise your hand first, unless everybody’s free-stylin’).

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